Reverend Nagase’s speech at our vigiil on 11 March 2015


Governments spend trillions of pounds on nuclear weapons, when nobody can wear nuclear weapons, nobody can eat nuclear weapons, nobody can live in nuclear weapons.

To produce and maintain nuclear weapons, nuclear power plants were developed. The world’s first mercantile, industrial-scale nuclear power plant was built at Calder Hall,* Lake District, in the UK. A peaceful future for children demands all nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants be abolished.

The creation of peace should be the objective of our countries, the objective of humanity. There is no way to create peace other than through the elimination of conflict and strife. All instruments of war, which hamper the realisation of genuine peace, must be removed.

Japan is also called the state of Yamato. Yamato, in Japanese characters, signifies “big harmony”. Great harmony … this is the heart of Yamato. Article 9 of the Japanese Peace Constitution is truly the heart of the Yamato of Shikishima, which could bring a great harmony of peace to the entire world.

We fervently observe Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution – the fruit of the sacrifices made by our ancestors.

To look up to heaven, prostrate ourselves upon the earth.

Let us pray and walk together for a peaceful future free of nuclear weapons and nuclear energy.

With palms together in prayer,

Rev. G. Nagase.

*NOTE: The world’s first nuclear power plant was the reactor at Obninsk, in the Soviet Union. A 5MWe reactor, it was built in 1954 and connected to a public supply.

The world’s first industrial-scale nuclear power plant, consisting of four 60-MWe reactors, was built in Calder Hall, Lake District, in 1956.

Rev. N_Calder Hall

Reverend Nagase’s speech at our vigiil on 11 March 2015

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