30th Anniversary celebration of London Peace Pagoda 13 June 2015, 2:00pm

You and your friends are cordially invited to attend the 30th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION OF THE LONDON PEACE PAGODA ON SATURDAY, 13th JUNE AT 2 PM

* Annual ceremony of Nipponzan Myohoji with various Buddhist traditions.

* Interfaith prayers for peace.

* Messages and speeches.

* Devotional music and dance.

The programme will be followed by an offering of tea and light refreshments, ending by 5 pm. Everyone is welcome to spontaneously offer incense, flowers, candles, etc.

‘Building the London Peace Pagoda will not be the work of only a single city or, for that matter, the work of a single country. Rather, it shall set the stage where the global disarmament movement challenges the momentum of military build-up in the world. Its location is England, the cradle of modern civilisation. It shall command major international attention because the good medicine that eradicates the venom of modern civilisation is about to be introduced there. I believe that Japan is also looking with astonishment to see a Peace Pagoda being built in England. Just like the UK, Japan is taking part in the nuclear arms build-up through its alliance with the United States .The people do not seem to support it. Yet, simply not supporting is not enough. We must be resolute and dignified when presenting an opposing view that makes plain their error. This task must be spiritual in nature. Already, the work is underway in England. Milton Keynes was its first step, and the London Peace Pagoda shall become the heart of this campaign for peace. I believe that the eyes of the people will be opened by it. This has nothing to do with policy; it is spiritual power. I believe that the spiritual power that manifests will consequently shatter the misguided beliefs harboured in their minds and hearts. We are a small band of maybe four or five individuals, as you can see, without worldly power. Yet, we are committed to putting our lives on the line to see this through to fruition. We shall see to it that we succeed and will not let you down. This shall become the pillar for building peace in the world”.

Words of the Most Venerable Nichidatsu Fujii, at Mt. Kiyosumi Dojo, Japan, December 29, 1983.’


30th Anniversary celebration of London Peace Pagoda 13 June 2015, 2:00pm

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