Statement re Fukushima

From JAN UK:

Friday 24th June 2016

10:00 vigil outside the Japanese Embassy, 101-104 Piccadilly, London W1J 7JT

11:30 read-out of the statement

13:00 vigil outside the office of TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company), 14-18 Holborn, London EC1 (near Chancery Lane station)

Dear Anti-Nuclear Power activists/supporters and friends,

On 20 June, about 30 members from London Region CND including 4 Japanese supporters from JAN UK (Japanese Against Nuclear) and Nipponzan Myohoji participated in the MAD Hatters Tea Party to protest against Nuclear Weapons. This was organized at the entrance to the Burghfield AWE (Atomic Weapon Establishment) where the UK Nuclear Bombs are assembled.

On the same day in Japan the Nuclear Regulation Authority ( NRA ) said that No.1 and No.2 reactors at Kansai Electric’s Takahama plant can extend operation for up to 20 years because they meet safety guidelines. This decision was quickly denounced by Greenpeace, which said the move goes far beyond regulatory failure.

With strong solidarity with the Japanese Anti-Nuclear movements including every Friday evening Anti-Nuclear Power demo in front of Prime Minister’s official residence and the Diet in Tokyo, we, JAN-UK, KickNuclear and CND are planning to organise another monthly protest vigil and the statement read-out to the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and TEPCO on 24 June 2016.

Our Friday vigil will start from 10.00 AM and the statement read-out from 11.30 AM. We will then move on to the TEPCO office ( 14-18 Holborn near Chancery Lane station ). There we will have a vigil and hand in the statement to TEPCO from 13.00 to 13.30 PM.

Anyone is welcome to join in with Anti-Nuclear/Peace messages, songs, poems, etc.

6 月20日ロンドンCNDのメンバー約30名(JAN及び日本山妙法寺からの日本人4名を含む)がバーフィールド原爆工場の入り口でマッド・ハッタ―
同日に日本ではNuclear Regulation Authority (核規制委員会)は関西電力の高浜原発1号基・2号基に20年の稼働延長を許可すると発表しました。
このような状況下で、日本での原発再稼働反対の運動(特に首相官邸前国会正門前での反原発金曜デモ)を強力に支持するために6月24日、金曜日、午前10時よりJAN-UK, KickNuclear, CNDはロンドン日本大使館前にて、脱原発、再稼働反対のビラまき、11時半より安倍首相宛に脱原発、
再稼働反対の声明文を読みあげ大使館に手渡します。その後TEPCO 事務所に移動し(14-18 Holborn near Chancery Lane station )、声明文を
Venue(場所):In front of the Japanese Embassy and TEPCO Office. 日本大使館前及び東電前。
Date/Time(日時): 24 June 2016, Friday, 10.00 – 12.30 and 13.00 – 13,30. 2016年6月24日金曜日10時ー12時半そして13時ー13時半。
Statement re Fukushima

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