Fukushima + 6 parliamentary public meeting

Hosted and Chaired by: Catherine West, MP for Hornsey & Wood Green and Shadow Foreign Minister.


Catherine West, Chair: Introduction:

Dr. Ian Fairlie, Independent Consultant on Radiation in the Environment: [Title not yet confirmed.]

Margaret Ritchie, SDLP MP for South Down, Northern Ireland: “Sellafield, the Irish Sea and Northern Ireland.” 

Lis Fields, member of Kick Nuclear: “Fukushima, 6 years on,” a report, illustrated with photographs, from a Green Cross International tour of Fukushima in October 2016

Kenji Higuchi, Japanese photo-journalist: “How Japanese Nuclear Workers are suffering.” Speaking in Japanese; copies of an English translation by will be circulated.

Chieko Uozumi, Member of Mamademo, a group of Japanese mothers opposing nuclear power, nuclear weapons, war and injustice will speak about the group’s campaigning.

10 minutes for questions to Kenji and Chieko, with a translator.

Professor Stephen Thomas, Professor at the University of Greenwich Business School, working in the area of energy policy: “Why is the UK Government so committed to nuclear power?

Professor Andy Blowers, Professor Emeritus at the Open University and Chair of Bradwell Against New Nuclear Group: “The Legacy of Nuclear Power.”

Followed by questions to speakers as a whole.

No need to book in advance. Leave 20 minutes at least to get through security.

Info: david.lrcnd@cnduk.org; 020-7607 2302; http://kicknuclear.com/