MARCH on parliament and RALLY

SATURDAY 14 March 2015



12:00 for start at 12:30

assembly at Hyde Park corner:

march along Piccdilly:

followed by

RALLY at 14:30

opposite Parliament OLD PALACE YARD

click here for google map

click here for google street view 


Molly Scott-Cato, MEP, Green Party

video of Molly’s talk here:


Red and Green and Raised Voices Choirs:


Shigeo Kobayashi of JAN UK (Japanese Against Nuclear) reading out a message from Mr Naoto Kan, Prime Minister of Japan at the time of the 311 disaster


Nikki Clark, Southwest Against Nuclear

videos of Nikki’s talk here:


Malcolm Bailey, Green Party, Senior medical physicist

video of Malcom’s talk here:


Shigeo Kobayashi introduces the Green Zeronomikuma Bear, anti nuclear mascot from Japan:


Hiroko, re German antinuclear movement, in Japanese, followed by Shigeo Kobaysashi reading an English translation of Hiroko’s message:


Shigeo Kobayashi read-out of Hiroko’s talk, in English, here:


Amrit Wilson, South Asia Solidarity Group

video of Amrit’s talk here:

Atsuko Kamura, singer Kamura Obscura



more about Atsuko Kamura here

Potent Whisper, rapper


Sarah Bear, singer-songwriter


Simon Kobayashi of ‘Smallgang’

fantastic acoustic version of ‘Radioactivity’ by Kraftwerk:


Shigeo Kobayashi reads out message in Japanese from Taro Yamamoto, antinuclear MP and former actor; Ryoko reads out the message in English:


Shigeo Kobayashi reads out message from Hiroaki Koide, Kyoto University:


Shigeo Kobayashi reads out message from Kanzburo Oe, Nobel Prizewinner for Literature 1994:


Shigeo Kobayashi reads out message from Hisae Sawachi, novellist, 84 years old


Peter Dunn, singer-songwriter, artist


read out of antinuclear message from former Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan:


Photographs of the 2015 march on parliament by Steve Eason here:

Remember Fukushima – no to nuclear power


more photographs of the march by Gerald Greenwood here:


let’s make it an eye-catching event with fancy dress, hats, wigs, masks, facepaint, flags, and sunflowers all very welcome!

sunflowers are a symbol of a world free of nuclear weapons:


Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh, 1889


Remember Fukushima 2015, photo by Peter Marshall

our march will be joined by Zeronikuma (Zeronomics bear), an antinuclear mascot costume from Japan

zeronikuma bear

activist in a Pikachu Suit reading out letter re Fukushima at the rally in Parliament Square, 2014


Antinuclear march in Tokyo March  8, 2015


more photos here:

photos from Remember Fukushima March in 2014 by Peter Marshall

20140315-d212-2 20140315-d113 20140315-d220-2 20140315-d110 20140315-d232

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