Atsuko Kamura


Started music career as vocalist and bassist of Mizutama Shobodan (Polka Dot Fire Brigade), the first feminist punk band in Japan in the 80’s. The band was at the forefront of the Japanese punk scene, the first DIY music movement in Japan. They released two albums and toured in Japan. The second album, Manten ni Akai Hanabira (Red Pedals Full in the Sky), was produced by Fred Frith.
Formed a vocal improvisation duo group, Honeymoons with Tenko and toured in US.
Joined UK based Japanese pop group, Frank Chickens in 1988 and toured Europe, US, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USSR and US. This group made a TV appearance in Kazuko’s Karaoke Klub, on Channel 4 and performed a musical, Club Monkey.
Formed new group, I Am A Kamura, with Robert Storey. This group had an essence of ethnic, folk and improvised music.
Sang traditional Japanese Folk tunes in anglo-Japanese jazz progressive rock band, Setsubun Bean Unit, which made an appearance in Sonar festival in Barcelona.
Current project, Kamura Obscura, explores further vocal experiment with some composition and improvisation with strong anti-nuclear political message.


“Otome no Inori wa Da Da Da!” , Mizutama Shobodan
“Mantenn ni Akai Hanbira”, Mizutama Shobodan
“Warau Shinwa”, Honeymoons
“Club Monkey”, Frank Chickens
“I am a Kamura”, I am a Kamura
“Setsubun Bean Unit”, Setsubun Bean Unit
“Kamura Obscura/Remember Fukushima”, Kamura Obscura
“Mizutama Shobodan”, Mizutama Shobodan
“Do the Karaoke”, Frank Chickens
“Welcome to Dreamland, Honeymoons”, Mizutama Shobodan

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