Blondie, ‘Heart of Glass’, performed at Midnight special

Debbie Harry makes an antinuclear pronouncement at 2:23 in:


Bruno V, France, ‘Fukushima Mon Amour’


悪霊 Evil Spirit/Ill East Records

‘No Nukes’

‘For Children’



‘Lee Tabasco’ nails it re nuclear power – ‘enough already you bastards’:


Keiichiro Neomoto, ‘HEIWA’:

all profits will go to charities helping children affected by Fukushima:

Kraftwerk, Germany: ‘Radioactivity’ performed at ‘No Nukes 2012’ concert,  Tokyo, Japan


Mimi German, USA antinuclear activist and musician:’Heavy’ inspired by Fukushima

Naoki.H. , Japan, ‘Get Up’ For Nuclear Abolition

song starts at 0:57


NHK World, Flowers Will Bloom (with English subtitles)


Potent Whisper, UK rapper, ‘#TridentOnTrial’:


Saito Kazuyoshi, Japan, ‘Zutto Uso Dattandaze’ (It Was Always A Lie)

studio version:


with English lyrics:

Sarah Bear, UK, ‘Making Sense’


Vic Sadot, USA, ‘No Nuke Blues’, updated to include verse re Fukushima



Top Ten Anti-Nuclear Songs by Peter Rothenberg on Common Dreams:

1. Gil Scott Heron, “Shut ‘Em Down”

2. Peter Tosh, “No Nuclear War”

3. The Byrds, “I Come and Knock at Every Door”

4. Pete Seeger, “Talking Atom”

5. Gil Scott-Heron, “We Almost Lost Detroit”

6. The Cramps, “Uranium Rock”

7. Kraftwerk, “Radioactivity”

8. Ryan Adams, “Nuclear”

9. Crosby, Stills & Nash, “Barrel of Pain”

10. John Hall, “Plutonium is Forever”

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