Documentary about thyroid cysts and nodules in Fukushima Children by Ian Thomas Ash





Cesium To Shyoujyo (Cesium And The Girl)

directed by Ryo Saitani

Ryo Saitani, owner-operator of a small theater, made his directorial debut when he was past the age of 60 to deliver an anti-nuclear message in fantasy/adventure format.
“Cesium to Shojo” (Cesium and the girl) relies on animation and musical scenes to tell a story that transcends time and space.



Homeland (Leji)

review by Kahuna-6

Jiro has come home. His tiny farming village is now deserted because it lies in the badly contaminated Fukushima zone. Nonetheless, Jiro begins cultivating his land. An old school friend helps him and together they plant rice. “It’s like slow suicide”, says Jiro’s friend. Jiro’s half-brother, Soichi, who has evacuated with his family cannot believe that Jiro has moved back into the old home. Soichi’s step-mother, who is Jiro’s biological mother, had never got over Jiro leaving. Suffused with grief and poetry, the images in this film describes life after the nuclear catastrophe. They also tell us what it means to go home when home will never be the same again.

Jellyfish Eyes

2013, Directed by Takashi Murakami

‘Takashi Murakami’s feature-film debut is a loving homage to Japanese popular culture. When a young boy moves with his widowed mother to the Japanese countryside, he discovers that their apartment is inhabited by a strange creature—and that very little is what it appears to be in the sleepy town.’ Film Society of the Lincoln Center

‘With it we can restore the myth of absolute safety … that you in the government want everyone to believe’ – quote from the trailer:



Little Voices From Fukushima

Documentary directed by Hitomi Kamanaka



The Land of Hope

An earthquake causes a nuclear crisis in a fictional prefecture set in Japan. In wake of the disaster, the members of the Ono family who reside just outside the border of the mandatory evacuation zone, face uncertainty.

– Written by James-Masaki


The Piano In The Shed


London screenings 11 & 13 March 2015:


輻射界 / RadianceScape, by Chris Cheung aka Honhim

‘… a data-visualizating sonic composition. It based on the live radiation data from the, a global sensor network for collecting and sharing radiation measurements, to generate an audio-visual cityscape.’

The Radiant, by the Otolith Group

Surviving Japan, documentary directed by Chris Nolan

to be shown free of charge on YouTube on March 11, 2015:

Tomioka by Drone, NHK

thousands of bags of radioactive soil piled up in Tomioka; Tomioka town with demolished train station;  Ukedo town – 6km from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Both towns lie within the evacuation zone as do Futaba and Ookuma towns. The pie charts show responses to a survey taken in these four townships of Fukushima prefecture.

True Songs

11 March 2015 , 7:00pm – 9:00 screening of’ True Songs

Kentucky Theatre, University of Kentucky

True Songs, inspired by the novel Milky Way Railroad, features people from Fukushima reading from the novel. Marking the fourth anniversary of the Fukushima 3.11 disaster, guest appearance by Suga Keijiro



When The Wind Blows

Director: Jimmy T. Murakami

A quietly devastating look at the consequences of nuclear war through the experience of an elderly couple:


Women Of Fukushima documentary


Uranium Film Festival – travelling festival with a variety of films addressing nuclear issues

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