FUKUSHIMA newsletters by Kick Nuclear

Written by Kick Nuclear three times a year, these newsletters are handed to passersby during the Fukushima vigil which is held in London every Friday morning. Planned to synchronise with the weekly vigils in Japan, the US and other countries, the London vigil begins at 10:00 GMT outside the Japanese embassy and then at 12:00 outside the Tepco office building.

Fukushima Update Winter 2014

Coming up to 4 years after the triple meltdown at Fukushima in Japan, where are we? Dr. Quamrul Haider, professor of physics and chair of the dept. of physics at Fordham University, USA, summed it up last week: ‘Fukushima will linger on for ages to haunt the future generations. Among the survivors there will be many cases of permanent sterility, increase of genetic mutations in our progenies, and a shortened life-span as a result of cancer and other radiogenic diseases’.

read more here:


Fukushima Update Autumn 2014


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